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Have you been told that you have a cracked heat exchanger? Or, have you wondered just how safe your furnace may be? Perhaps you just had a furnace repair done. This site is not here to sell products or promote services. I have been servicing furnaces in metro Milwaukee for 27 years, thus allowing me the time served and knowledge to share. The Heat Exchanger Safety site is here to help technicians and homeowners understand how important furnace maintenance is and the potential issues associated with carbon monoxide and furnace safety. Whether you are a heating and air conditioning contractor seeking resources for your technicians or a homeowner wanting to learn more about your furnace - this site may help you. Yours for a safe heating season, Steve Holland

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2016 Tech School Tours Begins

If you are interested in having me speak at your tech school this year please contact Liza at 262 677 1954. As in the past, I am available in March and will travel to your school. Each seminar covers several topics within the HVAC industry. There is no cost to the school. This year, I will spend some time on technology, ethics and a host of other topics. Last year, I visited most of the tech schools in Wisconsin and hope to do the same this year. Regards, Steve