Quite the Cracked Heat Exchanger! Arcoaire Model GUH


Each week, I take a detectives deep dive into furnaces, boilers and air conditioners as part of my role at Rapidtech. My hobbies are a little different than most with one being that I get all lathered up when I get the opportunity to break down HVAC equipment for the purpose of developing technicians and finding problems. Our goal is to “Change the HVAC Industry One Tech at a Time”. It’s also our goal to help homeowners remain safe, live comfortable and avoid unnecessary expensive repair bills. In this video, you will discover what I discovered with Snyder General’s Arcoaire Model GUH.



Rapidtech Course – Lennox Cracked Heat Exchanger

In 1990, when I started as a service technician, I had the privilege of working on literally thousands of these Lennox Gas Furnaces. If you are a technician this is a must see video on where these Lennox curved heat exchangers fail.

Remember to always check the following when and if you find a failed heat exchanger on a Lennox furnace or any other furnace with a cracked heat exchanger.

  • Static Duct Pressure
  • Filter size
  • Evaporator coil
  • Number of supplies and returns
  • Gas Pressure
  • Delta T
  • Venting
  • Draft
  • Perform a combustion analysis
  • Check for gas leaks