Steve Holland’s Journey on HVAC and Heat Exchangers

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My passion for the HVAC industry goes way back to 1990, when I started as a helper for a wonderful company in Mequon, Wisconsin. My father in law was a equity partner at that company and gave me my chance at HVAC. I am forever grateful to him for taking me under his wing. A friend in Texas once told me that “if you see a turtle sitting on a fence post that he did not get there by himself”. I was that Turtle and Don lifted me there!

Today, I own and operate Mr. Holland’s Heating and Air Conditioning and EthoSkill, LLC, both of Jackson, Wisconsin. Our company is very fortunate to run 150 to 300 service calls per week. Our company is amazing as a result of the most giving and loyal employees. I am thankful for their presence in our business and will forever be grateful.

Our company is successful because we invest in our employees. We are not afraid to spend money on education, training and customer relationship building. I believe that if all HVAC companies would spend less on marketing and advertising and move that money into their people their sales would grow as a result. I am very passionate about continued education. The future of hvac, electrical and plumbing companies will be determined on what they are willing to invest in their people. The day has come that technology is advancing very rapidly and training is a key part of operating a heating and cooling company.

My determination to educate service technicians on heat exchangers and carbon monoxide was key in changing the way a furnace tune up is performed. I also believe that if we spend the time learning how to communicate to our customers on topics like comfort, safety and efficiency – this entire industry will change for the better.

Steve Holland of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been a service technician for over 27 years and is available for speaking engagements, training and a host of other business building opportunities. Simply use the contact us section and we will reach out to see how we can help you and your business.

In 2016, we launched our recruiting, training and technician development company, EthoSkill, LLC. If you would like to learn more about our Rapidtech Heat Exchanger Certification please contact Steve at 866-992-1717.


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