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Hi, my name is Steve Holland. I consider myself a heat exchanger geek, guru and a heat exchanger expert. For the past 29 years, I have dismantled, repaired and re-build thousands of furnaces. I’ve come to find enjoyment in teaching other companies or technicians on how to become experts or gurus in heat exchangers and furnace safety. If your company is seeking heat exchanger training and certification, Rapidtech may be the perfect for you!

It’s 100% online

It’s 100% a true certification

All graduates will receive a diploma or course completion certificate, shoulder patch and laminated card to show customers.

Today, we offer an online portal that offers a full Heat Exchanger Certification. What makes our certification a great fit for many companies?

  1. It’s affordable
  2. No down time for techs
  3. Self paced learning
  4. You’ll get access to all of our videos that show where to find failures
  5. It works!

Each class comes with a supporting document, video and a quiz. Once the entire course is complete your student can print out their certificate of completion.

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Heat Exchanger Lab

Heat Exchanger Safety

Heat Exchanger Safety is designed strictly as an educational and informative place for homeowners and service technicians to find information regarding furnace heat exchangers. If you would like to learn more or book Steve Holland for a training event use the contact us section.

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