What every homeowner should know when purchasing a new furnace, air conditioner or boiler?

Here’s the simple version.

1.  Don’t buy solely on price

2.  Make sure that the new furnace, air conditioner or boiler is sized correctly. How will you know? If the sales person or technician performs a load    calculation and spends more than 30 minutes evaluating your home. There is no way possible to correctly size a system off of square footage. The entire visit should last 1 to 2 hours minimum. Just the math alone on the homes sizing calculation can take 40 minutes.

3.  Ask these questions of the installing company?

a. Will you be performing a load calculation?

b. Will you be setting up my airflow per the engineered specifications?

c. Will you obtain a building permit?

d. Will you be replacing my return drop or will you make sure that I have enough air flow?

e. Will my filter be sized per the CFM of the air conditioning requirement?

4.   Get a minimum of a 90 day performance and workmanship guarantee. I’m not talking about a warranty or labor protection. I’m strictly talking performance and workmanship. This means that for 90 days the installing company will come back to your home as many times as needed for FREE to make adjustments to your system. 5. Don’t assume that if they’ve been in business for many years that they know what they are doing. We’ve seen so many contractors that are well intentioned and really good people that fail to do the right thing. The biggest fact of all – “you get what you pay for”!


If you would like to arrange for a heating and cooling heat exchanger second opinion or receive an unbiased opinion in the metro Milwaukee market contact Steve Holland using the contact us section. Please realize that we will not solicit or try to sell you anything. Our main goal is to make for a better industry.

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