Training Study of furnaces and heat exchangers

Training Study of furnaces and heat exchangers

Service Technicians Golden Rules of Heat Exchanger Evaluations

1.   ALWAYS check heat exchangers for pitting, cracks, fractures, leaking and plugging.

2.   ALWAYS perform a safety inspection on EVERY service call

3.   Get educated and purchase the necessary tools for performing inspections.

4.   Learn to communicate with your customers

5.   Safety for you and your customers matters more than anything else

6.   NEVER place your face in front of any gas appliance when firing it up!

7.    Be honest, ethical and always do the right thing.

As a business owner, I know what GOOD quality technicians make for a living. I will never apologize for the price we charge for the work that our company performs as a result of having the highest skilled, most knowledgeable and friendly techs in a home. It’s your responsibility as a service technician to get educated and be the best that you can be for your customers, community and family.

A good tech will sacrifice his or her time for the safety and well being of a homeowner. That means that if it’s Saturday night at 10 pm and you are on a no heat call – it’s your duty as a technician to perform all necessary safety checks. Your wife or significant other will understand if you are truly doing the right thing and making sure that your customers are safe!

Go be a GREAT technician! Serve your customers well and earn an awesome living the skilled trades!



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