Now offering the FIRST, nationally recognized Heat Exchanger certification course – Online! Rapidtech Heat Exchanger Certification


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Rapidtech's Heat Exchanger Training can be done at our Jackson, Wisconsin facility or online.

The training that we provide is 50% communication and 50% technical in nature. Therefore, if your technicians have had all the necessary technical training but struggle with communication - this is the class for you.

         Training can be held at our Wisconsin Training Center or onlineTraining 2




Are your technicians certified in heat exchanger safety and failures?

If not, you’ve come to the right place. Rapidtech™, is a nationally recognized certification and accreditation program that offers dozens of HVAC courses including heat exchanger safety. The certification includes the following curriculum:

Technical Course

  1. Types of heat exchangers
  2. Why heat exchangers fail
  3. Carbon Monoxide and heat exchangers
  4. Top heat exchanger and furnace myths
  5. What to look for
  6. The combustion analyzer
  7. Heat Exchanger identification and multiple brands
  8. Never skip these steps – Heat exchanger ethics
  9. Review and summary


Communication Course - Topics and curriculum include:

I.     Communicating a failed heat exchanger or safety problem to a homeowner

II.   Using the Homeowner Safety Guide guide to assist with communication

III.  How to share your findings

IV.  Using third party information to assist with communication

V.   Confidence building

VI.  Top reasons for heat exchanger failure

VII.  Repair versus replace

Rapidtech Heat Exchanger Expert Certification Program

After completing the course your technicians will be directed to take the final exam. Once the final exam is passed the student can print out their diploma.



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